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Dr. Schubkegel enjoys the diversity of services he can provide inherent to being an otolaryngologist. He works with patients of any age and suffering from a variety of conditions, including recurrent sinus infections, facial disfigurement, sleep apnea, cancer, and hearing and balance disorders. Using the latest diagnostic technology, Dr. Schubkegel personally helps patients determine the cause of their symptoms and works one-­on-­one with them to determine the best course of treatment.

Balloon Sinuplasty

Balloon dilation of the sinus openings is a safe and minimally invasive treatment for patients with chronic sinusitis.


Many people will contract a tonsil infection at one point or another. When the severity or...

Sinus Surgery

Sinus infections are more than a discomfort, dramatically decrease your quality of life.

Nasal Reconstructive Surgery

The face is the most expressive part of the body. If you’ve suffered an injury and are living with a nasal deformity...

Sleep Apnea

Sleep apnea is a common problem that disturbs sleep and can be very stressful on the heart.


Dr. Schubkegel uses the latest technology to detect and treat cancers in the head and neck.

Hearing Disorders

Dr. Schubkegel can help detect hearing loss, and he offers a variety of treatments depending on the source...

Balance Disorders

Dizziness is a more common problem than people think. It affects a large number of adults...